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Save Brandywine Battlefield

Princyclopedia 2010

Princeton University campus

On March 27, the PSN participated in the annual Princyclopedia event at Princeton University.  Each year the Cotsen Children’s Library chooses a book to bring to life. This year the book was “Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson. With over 4,000 attendees at the event we had a constant stream of visitors anxious to learn about 18th century artillery, firearms, foodways, and navigation.

The event featured approximately 30 exhibitors including the Philadelphia Zoo, the Trenton Barracks, and the Princeton Fencing Club just to name a few.

Dana Sheridan, Cotsen Library

In the months leading up to the event we worked closely with the event organizer, Dr. Dana Sheridan, Cotsen Education & Outreach Coordinator, to tailor our presentation to the needs of the event. Dana and all the Princyclopedia staff could not have been more gracious hosts and we thank them for all their efforts in making this event so much fun for us as a group and such a success for Princeton University and the surrounding community.

Defiance was of course, in demand and true to expectations we had a constant barrage of questions from young and old alike about the gun herself and 18th century artillery in general.

Our only disappointment was that it was a one time event. The featured book changes each year and Princyclopedia 2011 will be focused on “The Lightning Thief”.

The PSN would like to thank John Mills of Mott’s Artillery for referring us to the Princeton organizers.

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