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Fort Mifflin 2013

School of the Soldier 2013

Beautiful day at the Peter Wentz Farmstead. Hats off to the 6th PA for a good event. We will definitely be back next year. Attendees the 6th PA, the 11th PA, the 1st Delaware, Trevitt’s Marines, and of course the PSN. Drilling a la 1764, tomahawk throwing, bayonet practice and a special tour of the […]


235th Fort Mifflin

This weekend was the 235th anniversary of the Siege of Fort Mifflin. Really excellent turnout from the reenacting community. Glad to see that. The PSN brigaded with the Continental Marines as a Naval Brigade. It was really refreshing to work with another naval unit and a great change of pace to be part of the […]

Fort Mifflin 2013

Battle of Princeton: June 8-9, 2012

So why would PSN personnel be at the Battle of Princeton? Some fast facts: Marines from the galley Hancock were incorporated into the Second Battalion of the Pennsylvania Militia under Cadawalader. Approximately 60 marines from the floating batteries Arnold and Putnam were fielded under the command of Captain William Brown. Seamen familiar with the handling […]

Fort Mifflin 2013

Fort Mifflin 2010

Another great event from the Olde Fort Mifflin Historical Society. Thanks to Ed Kane and all the folks who fed us Saturday and Sunday. We had a great time. That goes without saying. We bunked with the Continental Marines and are exploring brigading with them at events where we are not otherwise occupied with artillery. […]